Ozcode’s export object(s) feature, a first review (part 1)

Nearly half a year ago, in November 2015 I wrote a first article about a feature of the OzCode, an awesome debugging tool that plugs into Visual Studio and enhances it by many features in the debugging field I don’t want to miss again.

Recently Version 2.0 of OzCode has been published and today I finally found the time to test it in more depth. The whole article is based on OzCode version

For testing I wrote a very small test project with some XUnit tests. Unit testing as such is not necessary in this case, but these tests are easy to run as a single, separated piece of code, so it was the easiest way to go. The test project is published on GitHub as ozcode-export-test.

When OzCode 2.0 was announced on twitter and I asked for a test version, they finally answered (fixed the link here that was a wrong shortlink on Twitter due to missing space):

@jongleur1983 Wait is over http://o.oz-code.com/announcing-ozcode-v2.1-beta. Doesn’t address the issues you mentioned in your post yet, but we will be looking into that.

So I do not expect any issue mentioned in my first post to be addressed, but nevertheless the feature might be quite useful, so let’s give it a try.

As this article get’s lengthy again and it’s past midnight, I decided to split it, so this post is about single-object exports only for now, I’ll try to write a next one about exporting object graphs assembled from more than one object. Ozcode’s export object(s) feature, a first review (part 1) weiterlesen